About me…

Photography for fun

Welcome to my website; DM2 pictures. The website gives you a glimpse of my photo collection. The pictures I like most. My camera and I have seen a lot of beautiful places in the Netherlands (and abroad), but there are more to see and more pictures to take.

Desirée Meijer – Michielsen (DM2)

Just one press on the button…. Impressed by the view…. It is amazing, typical, beautiful or something never to forget. This view becomes a view forever…. That’s what I love about photography. To let you see how I see the world, how I feel at that moment.

Taking pictures of nature is what I like most. I grew up in a little Dutch village near the Belgium border close by the forest. Every day you could find me there; walking with the dogs, jogging, building treehouses, playing hide-and-seek, enjoying the singing of the birds or spotting rabbits and deers with my father. It is my father’s love for nature that inspired me.

As a communications manager I like to tell a story by pictures. Pictures say more than words. Pictures attrack attention. I hope my photo collection did attrack your attention and that you will come back to visit DM2 pictures again.

Using the pictures?

All the pictures on this website are taken by Desirée Michielsen. The pictures are rights reserved and can not be used without permission. Did you see a picture you would like to use? Please fill in the contact form and I will contact you.

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